Team Sizing

Teams consist of 2-4 individuals from grades 6-8, though younger students may also attend. We welcome individuals who may opt to form a team with other individuals on the day of the contest.

All teams must be from a well-defined geographic region.

Allowed Materials

The only allowed materials are pencils, pens, and erasers.

Compasses, rulers, protractors, calculators, electronic devices, books, and notes are not allowed. Scratch paper will be provided at the contest.

Forms of Answers

See this document for acceptable forms of answers: Acceptable Answer Formats.


To protest a question, please give a written sheet of paper clearly explaining why you think that an answer or problem was incorrect to a proctor. The validity of a protest is left to the ABMC staff, whose decision is final.

Scoring and Prizes

For each individual rounds, only the top 3 individual scores in a team count towards the overall team score. This means that teams of 4 do not necessarily have an advantage over teams of 3.  The point distribution for the rounds is as follows:

  • Speed round – 50 points (150 points per team)
  • Accuracy round – 50 points (150 points per team)
  • Team round – 160 points

The total score for a team is calculated by adding the speed, accuracy, and team score (the maximum possible score is 460 points).


In the speed round, the tie-breaker questions, in order of consideration, are #25, #24, #23, … , #1. If two contestants correctly answer exactly the same questions on the speed round, we break the tie via scores in the accuracy round.

When two contestants tie in the accuracy round, the winner of the tie is the contestant whose answer to the tie-breaker question (#11) is closest to the actual answer. For more information about test format, see the Format page.

If two individuals tie overall, the tie is broken by considering the accuracy round score. In the rare case when two teams are tied overall, individual scores are compared.

Read more about our grading system here.

ABMC Prizes

  • Trophies for top 5 overall individuals
  • Medals for top 5 individuals in Speed Round
  • Medals for top 5 individuals in Accuracy Round
  • Plaques for top 5 overall teams
  • Medals for top member of each team
  • Special prize for 1st place overall individual
  • MORE miscellaneous surprise prizes and swag given away during puzzle round
  • Certificate of participation for all competitors

Prizes from Sponsors

  • Gift certificate from AoPS to the top female competitor
  • Three gift certificates from AoPS to raffle among top 25% in 8th grade, 7th grade, and 6th or under
  • Two gift certificates from FrostMath to raffle among top 25% in 7th grade and 6th or under
  • Two TI-Nspire CX CAS calculators raffled among the top 25%
  • WolframAlpha subscriptions raffled to 30 students among the top 66%
  • WolframAlpha subscriptions awarded to top competitors in online contest broken by grades


In addition, top scores will be announced on-site and posted on our website shortly afterward.


By attending ABMC, contestants agree to respect the facility and others at the event. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Photos will be taken at ABMC to promote the contest and convey a positive message to viewers. If you have concerns regarding photos of your child being taken, please send us an email, and we will do our best to accommodate you.